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What is a 3D Pen?

A 3D pen is a device that works similarly to a 3D printer. By rapidly heating and cooling plastic, a 3D pen allows you to draw in the air.

What Makes the FreeDraw 3D (TM) Pen Great?

The FreeDraw 3D pen is compatible with standard 1.75mm ABS and PLA plastic. 

It features an ultra-bright OLED screen, 6 speed variable control, is lightweight, contoured to your hand shape, and allows for fine adjustments in extrusion temperature.

The pen comes with the unit itself, a power cable, and 3 rolls of PLA plastic to get you started. Low cost refills can be purchased anywhere 3D printer supplies are sold.

About Our Company

The FreeDraw 3D Pen (TM) is a product of French Technological Ventures, LLC. Our US based company was started in 2017 by Sam and Savannah French. Our mission is to bring the highest quality electronics products at the best prices to our customers. We strive for quality in engineering, quality products, and most of all, to bring the utmost level of respect to our customers.

We are very excited to be debuting our new invention, the FreeDraw 3D Pen (TM).

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